three dialogues


When the Aliens Landed

When the aliens landed last week,
They asked to talk to squirrels.

They looked just like you and me,
Except they were beautiful.
Seven beautiful men.

Your brother said they might be
Homosexual, but it didn't matter.
They wanted to talk to the squirrels,
Not to us.

They were kind and seemed sincere
And very wise.
God, how it hurt, because
They did not want
To talk to us.

A general,
In a blue suit,
With no medals,
Asked them to give him the secret
Of their powerful weapons.

They were curious why
He did not want
A cure for cancer;
Since they thought
He would die of it
In 537 days.

Someone else,
A young man from
The mayor's office,
Asked them for
The cancer cure.

The most beautiful alien
Started to tell him
When the squirrels arrived.

All seven aliens
Lay down flat
And squeaked at the squirrels.

Your brother asked
The mayor's young man
If he had heard
What the alien said.

"No. not really.
He said something
About grass
And laser beams
But I couldn't

The aliens stood up.
The squirrels were gone.

Turning toward the ship,
They thanked us
And apologized.

They said it was a matter
Of galactic importance
And if we were here
In two thousand years
They might stop by

I wonder what will happen
To the human race,
Now that we know
The aliens will not help us
With our problems;
And we don't know how
To talk to

Jeff Bangert