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We are Colette and Jeff Bangert, artist and retired computer whiz. Welcome to our site. What you'll see here are drawings, thread pieces, photos and text. There isn't much in the way of politics, but we'll offer thoughts about art, computer art, Fargo, North Dakota, Lawrence, Kansas, and places and topics in between. Stay tuned and I'll tell you about the bird.

We share most everything, but Jeff will write most of the text, so "I" equals "Jeff." When Colette is speaking, I'll tell you.

Look at the photo above. In the lower left is the blue chair where I'm writing most of this. It's messy. Every place else in the photo is much cleaner. You should now have the idea that our site probably won't be all that well organized. Sorry.

But, whenever I use a word that might have some deeper significance, like Wikipedia, I'll link it to someplace on the Net where you can find out more about the topic.

Lawrence, KS
Welcome to Lawrence, Kansas

This isn't a blog. If you bookmark this site and return to it next week, it might start with a new page. But you won't find other kinds of blog things.

We have an older Web site that's hard to navigate. It uses tables, which are yesterday's tech. Someday, all the interesting stuff will be moved to the newer site and the old one closed down.

I don't like to admit it, but it's been a year since I started designing this site. My first thought was to do something like Wikipedia. I found lots of open source wiki software, but nothing seemed easy to work with. I read a lot and got the idea that CSS was the only way to go, so I began studying. Learning CSS after years of C# coding has not been easy.

Months ago, I discovered this site. A couple of pictures followed by text seemed such nice idea that I decided to go with it. Maybe next year I'll learn more CSS.