1989 - 1991 Back and Forth

1989 Dawn's Leaf Study

This is an algorithmic drawing.

1991 Sycamore Stars Study

A handmade drawing.

We're nearing the end of the talk. It would be nice to have at least an hour to deal with the topic on this page.

Over the 40 years of our collaboration there have been handmade pictures clearly influenced by computer drawings and vice versa. For example, the algorithmic drawing at the top of the page definitely influenced the concept of the handmade drawing. I wrote the program which drew the first one. Colette chose it out of others and named it. Colette was solely responsible for the second image.

Dawn's Leaf Study is a single drawing on Crane paper, 8 1/2 by 11 inches. I wrote the program DAWN03D that created the drawing. The program ran on a microcomputer in our house and was drawn by our own pen plotter.

What this program did was not all that much different from the program which created Ochre and Black. There were lots of straight lines, some long ones and some short ones that made up curved lines. Some lines intersected and stopped. Some kept on going.

One difference with older programs is that all those lines were drawn four times so that the four quadrants of the image could be drawn on four pieces of paper. What you see here is a study. The real Drawn's Leaf is in the collection of the Spencer Museum.

Clearly, another difference is that our pen plotter held four different colored pens so that the drawing could be done without changing pens.

A similarity: the green form in the upper right corner was not designed by us. It just appeared.

And this is the time to make a very important point. From the beginning of our computer art experience there has been influence going back and forth between the computer art and the handmade art. In this case, when Colette saw the green form she saw it as a strange kind of leaf. Her subsequent work was directly influenced by this 'strange leaf' form, specifically in the Sycamore Stars Study above. This is the primary mode of our collaboration.