1990 - M

1990 M

And as the years progressed, we worked with major ideas: accidents, machine vs. hand look, and line intersection.

What exactly is a straight line segment? You can think ideal geometry: length with zero thickness. Or you could look at a drawn line and note that there must be some non-zero thickness, or you couldn't see the line. Also, the ends are often round.

In 1990 I wondered what it would be like to work with a 'real' line, so I defined something with width and length and half circle ends, called a "hot dog" for obvious reasons. The above contains random hot dogs on a background. The hot dogs intersect each other. The background lines intersect the hot dogs.

The program does not contain code which draws a capital 'M.' This is an accident.

We are drawing with a real plotter on textured paper, so the background is fuzzy and shows the effect of accidents when the pen is picked up and put down. The whole seems to be somewhere between machine and hand made.