1970 - Rain

1970 Algorithmic Drawing Large Scroll Landscape: Rain

This is the second of our early pieces in the Imaging By Numbers show; both of them from the collection of the Spencer Art Museum, University of Kansas. Rain is about eleven feet long. Although I've spent some time in the Spencer Printroom, which you see above, I've never had a chance to get far enough away from the drawing to take a good photo. It is hard to see what the drawing is about in the photo, so let's focus on details.

Rain Detail

Here is the lower, right corner of Rain. You'll immediately see similarities to Ochre and Black, which leads to the next idea:

One computer program may produce several drawings, each with similarities and differences. Yes, the same program created Ochre and Black and Rain. In the detail you can see curved lines, some intersecting and some not, just like Ochre and Black.

Knowing that we tend to think in terms of landscape, it is no surprise that Colette named this drawing Large Landscape: Rain. The next page shows a detail in the middle of the drawing.