1970 - Ochre and Black Detail

1970 Ochre and Black Detail

I'll describe the real accident. Imagine this being drawn in a public space at the University of Kansas Computer Center. Student and faculty users are working at key punch machines and wandering around. Colette is not at all happy when people come up and ask "what are you doing?" I am very nervous because the drawing is taking a long time, the plotter does not belong to us, and I have very little experience with it. The plotter stops. It is clearly broken and I have no idea what might be involved in fixing it. Colette says, "start it up!" Ah, what does she know about equipment?

I hit a button and it starts up, but the black lines are shifted. Me: "look, it's not drawing right." "Let it go." And I did, and she declared this a finished drawing.

I imagine that one of the kids drawing on the walls of Lascaux 25,000 years ago probably made a line that didn't look quite right and her boyfriend watching said, "let it go," and how many thousands of physical book pages contain that drawing that wasn't quite right?