April 20 , 2007 Flat.
Sourtheast of Fargo, ND, October 2005.

Eastern North Dakota where I grew up is mathematically flat. And, yes, I have irritated a lot of people by bringing up this fact, but it really means something to me. What? I guess it means HOME in a way not connected with anything or anyone else. Doesn't seem to mean all that much to other people.


Lawrence, KS
Northeast of Lawrence, KS, March 2007.

Most every morning I walk over the Kaw river bridge to North Lawrence. It's one block to a railroad intersection. I watch the Coal Train go by.and think about algorithmic drawing. Always have a camera along just in case an interesting picture presents itself.

Couple of weeks ago I walked east to the chemical plant. Of course, after 9/11, I don't take pictures of the chemical plant. But, I took a few steps and, my god, it looked flat! I had always hoped to find someplace flat a little closer than North Dakota.