June 8, 2007, Abstract Landscape


February 12, 2008 - breaking news - if you click on Block Talk under Links, you'll go to the first page of a talk we will give on Feb. 16. Currently, it is not finished, but sympathetic comments may be helpful. Thanks.

If this is your first time, click on about the site and about us to see what is going on. Then start on April 20 and continue 'til you come back here. Despite what I said last year, I've still not written an explanation of the bird, but I will -- some day.

Short version: look at the drawing above. Colette refers to it as an "abstract landscape."

Look at the image below: Photoshop applied to the image of a neighbor's peony. Think of it as lines and colors and forms and then look again at the drawing above. Aha! Abstract landscape.



I want to acknowledge several people who have responded to our new Web site. More about abstract landscape later.

We have heard, "Nice, friendly, attractive site." Thanks. But people asked for more about algorithmic drawing, which is something I actually know about, so the next page will start talking about the joy and sorrow of writing computer programs to make drawings -- since 1967!